Thursday, April 06, 2006


OK, remember last week when April was whining to senile old I mean Grampa about how her band got shitty after Becky left?

Well, she took Grandpa's advice and suckered in Eva. And Lynn Johnson is back to her old telgraphing tricks. At leats it's not as bad as "When Lizzy Met Pauly" late last year, when Johnson was reduced to actually inserting signs, yes signs fromt he narrator pointing out Lizzy's destiny for us at home. Thanks Lynn, for that glimpse into your cheesey Canadian soul. How's your collection of glass figurines and commemorative plates from the Franklin mint holding up.

First, she bashes us over the head that Eva's a cutie, and Boris (or whatever the token black kid's name is) thinks she's a hottie:

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Gotta love the way he's looking at her like a starving man looks at a rack... of ribs. You'll also notice that in panel one, Lynn can't help sneak in some skin; she certainly does love pimping her 14-year-old cartoon character, shades of Brooke Shields' mom...

But then we have the final panel from yesterday's strip.

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Yes April, it IS extreme. EXTREMEly likely that Lynn is laying out this month's plotline.

My prediction: Boris and Eva will get involved romantically, and the ensuing break up really will tear apart the band, 4 EVAH, forever. Then we'll get a nice homily from Johnson that love conquers all. Or something.
After that, everyone vomits, and by everyone, I mean Johnson's readership.


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