Thursday, April 06, 2006

In Which Nancy Pelosi Digs a Hole

hat tip to Firedoglake.

Nancy Pelosi, or more probably one of her staff members, put up a diary at Daily Kos, entitled "The Gloves Are Off".

Pelosi spouts something about investigatign Tom DeLay (riiiiight) and goes on to say "the gloves are off."

And for the next however-many-hundreds of comments (literally so many that my computer slows down trying to load them all), all Nancy gets in response is "Support Feingold".

Hilarious. I've said for a long time that Pelosi is ineffective and out-of-touch. She really does think she can throw some bullshit line at bloggers, almost all of whom are informed voters, people like me who obsess over the issues facing the nation, and that we'll all give her a round of applause. "Hooray for Nancy P!"

Not that Nancy will read her comments, not that Nancy wrote the diary entry to begin with, but man it's good to see that bullshit artist get whacked with the reality club.


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