Sunday, May 14, 2006

And Now It Appears That I Am Hostile

Apparently, sending the better part of my disposable income to Canada for the privilege of seeing my son for a few days every other month is not good enough. I have been told I am "more and more hostile" and "difficult to talk to on the phone" with every day. This is the first I've heard of this. I go out of my way to be civil and engaging on the phone, and I am always honest and upfront when I am in a bad mood. I say things like "I'm in a bad mood right now and don't particularly feel like talking" or "I am feeling more depressed than usual about Sam so let's make this short and to the point."
I don't do this every day: I only do this when I'm feeling genuinely down in the dumps. Usually, I am pleasant. I try to keep my thoughts to myself.

Perhaps I will start talking like the maitre d'i on The Simpsons. "Ye-esssss!" Perhaps THAT will be enough.

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See my son every other month and have no relationship to speak of with him? Why YE-ESSSSSS! That sounds FAAAAABULOUS!

"Fine: you can just go back to your little blog and keep writing nasty shit about me."
AHA! It is not my phone manner that is objectionable: it is that I would dare to express myself, in a way that is less than flattering regarding Sam's mom, on my website.

This is a message for ANYONE that visits this website: if you don't like what I'm writing, don't come here. Eventually, I'm going to offend you and if you can't take it, maybe it's time to go back to ewementawy skool.


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