Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Richard Cohen, Homewrecker

Mr. Cohen professed great anger with Mr.Clinton's infidelity during the 1990s.
Odd reaction for a man who broke up Peter Jennigns marriage by having an affair with the guy's wife:

Kati and Peter met in London in 1977 and were engaged after three dates. They married in 1979 and divorced in April, 1994. Their marriage was described as often turbulent. They separated from one another in 1987 for five months after Peter learned of her affair with columnist Richard Cohen....

Peter, about his separation from Kati Marton: "Last year, it is no secret, my wife and I went through some difficulties, and it was on the front pages of the goddamn newspapers. It was horrible. Worst thing that ever happened to me. Worst thing that ever happened to me."
Source: "Why Peter Jennings Is So Good" by Charles Kenney, Globe Staff, The Boston Globe, 11-06-1988.

Also, for all his "liberal leanings" Richard Cohen spends a LOT of time getting photographed with Mona Charen, who is well-known as a right-winger.


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