Friday, May 12, 2006

Unger versus Smerconish

"Michael Smerconish is a pussy. A big gaping pussy.

He loves to talk tough from his comfortable reclining chair about death penalties and the war on terror - and how tough he would be in killing people. Yeah, I know, you're really tough. I'm sure Al Qaeda is quaking in its boots thinking about big, tough Smerconish.
I'm so tired of hearing these big, bad conservatives try to characterize decent people who try to do the right thing as wimps - and worse yet, in their world - gay! It doesn't take a genius to figure out where Smerconish is going with the sissy label, but in case you missed it, he hits you over the head with it by stating the definition in his latest post: A boy or man regarded as effeminate.
Okay Smerconish, show me how tough you are. I challenge you to a fight - verbal or physical. I promise to kick the living shit out of you, either way. I'll stand in for all the people you call sissies and you stand in for all the tough guys - and let's see what happens.

I'm not trying to be clever. I'm being literal. I look forward to kicking your ass. Al Franken once pulled a maneuver like this, so it's not like I think that I've come up with some new gimmick. I'm being serious. You choose - either a debate on foreign policy or a fight (UFC rules are fine with me). Show me how tough you are.
So, you pick how you'd like to get your ass kicked and I will make it happen for you. Of course, if you're a real man you will accept this challenge. But if you are the little sissy that I suspect you are, you will run away like a little bitch and make excuses as to why you couldn't accept the challenge.

Let's see what you got, tough guy.

My prediction: Big tough Michael Smerconish will will run away like a little bitch and make excuses as to why he couldn't accept the challenge. That's what right-wingers do. Just ask Reverend Mykeru, who offered to fly his right-wing "challeger" out to Nashville so he could respond physically to the winger's chest-puffing, only to have the guy chicken out.

Interestingly, it was Attytood that linked to the Cenk Uygur article. The same Attytood where you can find right-wing troll DB Cooper (aka George Connor of Schwenksville PA), who I've had more than my share of arguments with as Frenchy L'Amour. I've seen all manner of right-wing nonsense at that site from people who like to dish it out but can't take it. For example, DB Cooper, who liked to talk shit about liberals and leftys, but when challenged to meet somewhere demurred and began attacking my sanity instead. Don't wanna get called out as a pussy? Don't talk like a big fuckin' man and then make little weasely pronouncements about why you couldn't possibly live up to your big words.

One of the reasons I don't visit attytood anymore is that when challenged on their bullshit, the wingers who comment there consistently go crying to the administrator. "Waaah, he hit me back," they cry. And for some reason, the administrator protects these chunks of shit from having to suffer the consequences of their actions. I mean "words": none of these people ever DO any of the stuff they talk about, whether it's dealing me a "righteous ass-kicking" or enlisting in the war they support. For example, why is the poster known as "Arn" still there, after he posted the personal home address of Gloria, another poster? Why did Gloria have to beg the administrator to remove the identifying information?

I'm posting these reflections on attytood not in some effort to slag a blog that, except for its commentors, is really quite good, but to point out the irony that a blog that refuses to back its left-wing commentors when they challenge right-wing commentors is now linking to a left-wing commentor physically challenging a right-wing commentor.

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Cenk Uygur, Wharton grad 1992.

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Michael Smerconish, Penn law 1987. He shaves his head now, in a misguided effort to not look like the old man he is.

Wanna cast some bets? I'll be Cenk takes the motherfucker out in 2 rounds, if you use standard boxing rules. In a free-for-all? Smerconish wouldn't last 5 minutes. Not that he'll show up at all anyway.

I'm totally in favor of this kind of thing. Oh sure, someone's bound to mewl something about "sinking to their level". The best piece of advice my father ever handed me was that the only thing a bully understands is a good hard punch in the mouth. Michael Smerconish, Rush Limbaugh, and all those other pontificating pansies have made careers out of being bullies, and for years the left's response has been "let's not sink to their level." No more. I wanna see the Uygur/Smerconish smackdown, preferably at the Blue Horizon.


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