Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Cohen Letter

Tue, 22 Nov 2005

"What's more, when Hussein Kamel was still a defector
and being debriefed in Jordan, he said he had no
knowledge of a current nuclear weapons program. Iraq's
uranium enrichment program -- a prerequisite for a
weapons program -- had been dormant since the Gulf War
in 1991."

But that's not what you said then Richard, remember?
You kept saying the war was a GREAT idea, and you were
totally behind it. Remember?

"Their incessant references to "mushroom clouds" or
"nuclear blackmail" might have at one time been
understandable -- although still a huge, irresponsible
reach. But well before the war began, it was becoming
clear that Saddam Hussein had not a nuclear weapon to
his name."

That's not what you said at the time Richard.
remember? You kept saying how important it was to go
to war to stop the WMD and the nukes. Remember?

"What is both amazing and appalling about Bush is that
he seems not to care. The way things look now, he will
go down in history as an amiable dunce..."

In many ways, you are JUST LIKE BUSH. You don't seem
to care, or even acknowledge, your own role in
publishing polemic arguing for the Bush
Adminsitration's case for war. Remember? I know I
I don't know if you're amiable, but you are without a
doubt a dunce.

"It is incredible to me that Bill Clinton was
impeached for lying about sex, but nobody -- that's
nobody -- in the entire Bush administration has been
fired, not to mention impeached, for this shedding of
American blood."

I also remember your columns from the Clinton years:
you were quite adamant that Mr. Clinton should be
impeached for lying about sex. Remember? You were
part of that whole chorus!

"The restraint of responsible war critics has been

Yes, with people like YOU attacking us, switching
sides, then switching sides again, I must admit the
antiwar critics have shown great restraint by not
strangling you with their bare hands and then selling
your corpse to the dog food factory.

"But you would think that Bush himself would wonder
about how he's gotten to this place where he looks
like such a fool: wrong on the biggest issue of his
presidency. He went out there and told the American
people things that were not true. Does that mean he
lied? Maybe not. Maybe he was just repeating the lies
of others."

Just like you, Richard, just like you.
Fuck you you miserable pile of shit.
Brendan Skwire


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