Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cohen: Wankalicious Wankery. Or: I Am Bested!

I was SO hoping to get the time to rip the mental midget, drooling imbecile, and all-around nincompoop gelding known as Richard Cohen a new fartlocker after his prissy and predicatable whining about Stephen Colbert and his follow up column, entitled "Waah I am a Big Fucking Crybaby" about the mail he received in response, but things like deck-building and crying jags during Monster's Inc. got in the way.

As a lot of you know, I've been complaining about Cohen the boob for years. I have been bested today, however, by the always well-spoken Mr. Black. More here.

And here, featuring Berube.

And here.

You may have to scroll around a bit. As I've pointed out, blogger.com can suck me, and doesn't seem to be providing propoer links to Duncan's site.


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