Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cohen Tries to Jump on the Antiwar bandwagon

March 30th post on Richard Cohen:
"The Last Blue State Skeptic": or "Why Richard Cohen Can Lick My Schwetty Schwetty Schcrotum
A schlemiel is taking his morning stroll when he happens upon a massive pile of what is obviously dogshit.

The moron scratches his head. "Sure looks like shit."
Sticks his nose in it. "Sure smells like shit."
Squeezes the wet turd between his fingers. "Sure feels like shit."
Finally, he takes a big bite of the poop. "Sure tastes like shit."
He's convinced. "It IS shit!" he exclaims.
"And I'm sure glad I didn't step in it."

With that joke in mind, here is the latest craptacular column from Richard Cohen. It's cute.
Because, y'see, Richard Cohen wants on the anti-war bandwagon!

Yes, after months of wiggling his teeny weeny peen-- I mean his RATTLING HIS SABRE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS-- Richard Cohen has decided that "Bush Wanted War." And it only took 3 freakin' years and Helen Thomas to convince him.

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