Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Letter to Carlin Romano

Mr. Romano,

Your article on conservative publishing woes was

I have noticed that it is common in journalism to give voice to an opposing point of view. For instance, when John Kerry claimed to be a "war hero", the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were given a platform to say that this wasn't true. For every talking head concerned about global warming, there is a representative from Exxon to argue that global warming isn't happening, or if it is,there's nothing that can be done. For every Michael Moore saying the war in Iraq was based on lies, there is an Ann Coulter to remind us that Michael Moore is fat.

I was wondering, therefore, why your article only includes statements from conservatives. There is no balance at all. Am I to simply take these people's
words at face value? If I was to claim that I can fly to the moon by gluing feathers to my shirt and flapping my arms, would you publish that claim without challenge, as you do the claims of these oppressed conservative publishers?

On a related note, I was also wondering what publishing woes Regnery is referring to, if fully "one-third of her books [are] on the extended New York Times best-seller list".

Thanks, and I look forward to your fair-and-balanced reply.
Brendan Skwire


Blogger iwuwill said...


This is Will from DL. I am in the process of emailing the Drinking Liberally Organizers with contact info for you, Matt, and Jason. If you are still interested in helping out with the weekly emails and such. If you are still interested in helping, send me an email to philadelphia@drinkingliberally.org, with your contact info.

Hope all is well,


11:52 AM  
Blogger Karen M said...

Sorry, I can't tell you how bad blogger is, because so many things are so much worse, but I saw your comment at Firedoglake about Chaka Fattah being your rep. He was mine, too, for about an election cycle, and then they moved the lines again. Now, I'm back in Weldon country where I started out. [sigh]

So, I really had no one to call!

3:15 PM  
Blogger Brendan said...

oy, karen, I feel for you!

10:32 PM  

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