Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Oooh, I hate this new blogger template. I wrote a paragraph or two then went to the 'manage posts" tab and it erased everything I wrote. Blame blogger if you don't get to read about James Musty's quote of the day, because I'm not writing it down again.

It's been quite some time since I did any writing, so I'll try to catch up. the flu I mentioned last time lasted well into Vegas and LA; we didn't really recuperate until Washington State. In LA we were based out of Hollywood; I stayed in most of the time, except for a walk or two down Hollywood Boulevard (the hotel was right around the corner). I found this Mexican place that had a great vegetable soup that did me right.

Hollywood, at least the 8 blocks or so that I'm confined to, seems pretty cool. As I mentioned the hotel is about a block from Hollywood Boulevard, so I got to walk up and down the walk of stars. katy's friend sold me a 5 gram eighth of kind bud for $60, which I promptly fell out of my pocket in the hotel, and was probably smoked up merrily by the janitor. LA is alright, but no matter how generous katy's friends are, they are total freaks. perhaps it's because the're actors, but a lot of these cats seem to keep a solid mask on 24/7: no one could be as shallow as these folks seem to be (the two brothers, Derek and Matt, are from new york originally). On the other hand, the girl across the street, Alison, is very nice, but then she's actually a Pennsylvania native from around Philly.

I'm restless right now. I'not tired, but I don't want to stay up late. I did a little blow someone picked up, and wouldn't mind putting away a little bit more, but at the same time, i'm not really interested.

It's really offensive to me that conservatives and Republicans are able to get a docudrama about their poster boy Ronnie off th air, and antiwar types can't get the jessica Lynch "story" (or should I say "LIE") off the air. Thank goodness for Lynch herself, who i understand went on TODAY and Baba Wawa and debunked the story herself. That takes guts. I'm watching Rambo III on the hotel tube. it's pretty funny to see the mujahedeen so heroically portrayed. "We just want to protect our women and to worship... our OWN God." Beautiful, "To protect our way of life." Rambo rescues Afghanistan and the Taliban, so they can be our friends later.

George and Boogie are hanging pornos out the window, which is always funny. George's presentation is the best. First of all, you have to understand that that while george is nearly completely silent, the adage "still waters run deep" applies. He's got half his head shaved, with a dragon tattooed on the shaved side. he usually wears nothing but blck, except when he's wearing black and white. he sits, sober as a judge, in the shotgun seat, with the magazine held high and wide open as if perusing some arcane point of law, and then turns to the guy driving the truck next to us, and points to the naked woman as if she were EXACTLY the relevant subsection.