Thursday, February 24, 2005

Letter to


For God's sake, I have tried to unsubscribe at least 4 times from your utterly useless service. The "networking contacts" you send me have NOTHING TO DO with my line of work at all. The jobs you send me range from positions I am unqualified for ("President of Aerodynamics Company") to positions I am overqualified for ("Cashier at McDonalds") to ludicrous "work-from-home-stuffing-envelopes" scams (no example necessary, but apparently I can earn millions). I see better help-wanted ads in the back of "Hustler."
To date, I have not received one single response to any of the resumes I have sent out through your service, not a single response. In short your company,, FUCKING SUCKS. I hate it. I tell people every chance I get that you suck. Also, I am copying this email and posting it to my blog, so my readers will know that you suck.What a fucking waste of time it has been signing up for You are worse than useless.
Go fuck yourselves, but before you do, please please please for the love of God, unsubscribe me from your ubiquitous emails.