Thursday, October 20, 2005

Richard Cohen is a Moron

Richard Cohen takes his daily laxative, and lays the following steaming pile of commentary in the fetid commode he calls his column: "If the best we can say for it is that the end justifies the means, then we have not only lost the argument -- but a bit of our soul as well." He is speaking of Roe v Wade: not content to be on the wrong side of the war in Iraq, the wrong side of Plame, and the wrong side of just about everything else, Mr. Cohen, the Washington Post's buck-toothed, brain-dead, boot-licking pretend liberal, turns to Roe versus Wade.

Someone needs to remind Richard that he sold his soul back when he supported the war in Iraq, and his insistence that the Plame investigation should be shut down is evidence that he has neither conscience nor brains. He is in no position to tell others about the state of their own souls.

Consider this dunderheaded pronouncement: "The prospect of some women traveling long distances to secure an abortion does not cheer me -- I'm pro-choice, I repeat."

Mr. Cohen conveniently ignores the post-Katrina reality that many women are simply TOO POOR to own a car, and can't travel from neanderthal states like Alabama or Mississippi or Pennsylvania to have an abortion. Never mind that the procedure costs around $400, which most poor people don't just have lying around. Make no mistake: what Cohen means by "some women" is "poor women."

Mr. Cohen is pro-choice, but only for those who can afford it. This belief is elitist, classist, and just plain wrong.

I do not know why the Washington Post keeps this Janus on its editorial pages: at best he's an idiot, and at worst he's a moral coward and a liar. Get rid of him and get someone who actually has some common sense (as well as common decency).

Brendan Skwire


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