Thursday, November 17, 2005

Open Letter to KYW

I am writing to express my anger with WKYW for participating in the shutdown of Club Kama Sutra, a private club for adults that was harming no one (for the record, I am not a member of Club Kama Sutra).

In the service of titilating your viewers in a naked attempt (pardon the pun) to get higher ratings, you broke a story that pretty much anyone who lives in Philadelphia and reads the City Paper has known about for years (City Paper covered the club in February 2004). Some scoop.

Did your story serve the common good? No: Kama Sutra was a private club, not a brothel. Was it news? No: everyone knew about it. This was a stunt on the part of KYW, just like your decision to have Larry Mendte interview former NBC-10 reporter Sharon Reed while she
was nude
. Unfortunately, this stunt just cost a Philadelphia business owner a lot of money in legal fees, court battles with L&I, and may have shut down a business that was providing revenue to our cash strapped city. Way to go, KYW news team!

It is none of WKYW's business what consenting adults choose to do with other consenting adults within the confines of a private club. Considering all the other problems plaguing Philadelphia (immediately coming to mind are drastic cuts to LIHEAP; the once-again soaring murder rate; another looming SEPTA strike; the Goihman case; the ethics bill; the impact of the Iraq war on the PA national guard; the ease with which terrorists could attack the city's practically unsecured railways and chemical/fuel plants), this story was frivolous and inane.

I'm sure that MANY of your reporters, like all adults, engage in behaviors that harm no one but which they would prefer to keep private. But since you are in the business of exposing the private lives of adults, I encourage you to follow up with an investigative report into the sex habits of reporter Todd Quinones. Is it true that he enjoys wearing diapers and sucking on pacifiers while receiving sexy spankings? I mean, not that he does do that sort of thing, but people are curious.

Inquiring minds want to know about more about the private perversions of the rutting randy reporters at KYW.

Brendan Skwire


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