Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, It Looks Like I'm Back, But Not For Long.

Well, it looks like I'm back on blogger after two weeks of getting ignored by theie customer support people.

You're probably wondering where I've been. That's a damn good question; I have no idea what happened either. That Friday I was doing some blogging at work (my last post actually), logged out at 5:00 PM or so, turned off my computer and left for the day. I arrived home, went to bcftu and copied that picture of Sam on the swing to my desktop wallpaper, and had a beer with my hou, and logged into blogger.

Everything was gone. Brendan Calling was gone from my dashboard. So were the links to phone calls, letters to the New York Times, and everything else. I tried to open bcftu, and where the blog had just been ten minutes ago, was the message File 404" site not found.

I wrote to blogger immediately; you may remember earlier posts in which my couldn't be found. I didn't hear back from them until Monday. The new problem, like the old problem, was answered with a form letter that didn't answer the question. So I wrote back. I got the same form letter on Tuesday morning. I wrote back, and they never responded. Nothing. And so I began frantically scouring google's cache for important posts like "Ties", "Hello, I must Be Going", "Filth". I was lucky to have found them all, but the prospect of plowing through three years' worth of political pontificating and ephemera was too daunting, and I decided to sacrifice less important stuff. Most blogging is such off-the-cuff stuff, hardly worth saving to a word processing file. I continued to write to blogger and continued to hear nothing in response. I BEGAN WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS, BUT AT THIS POINT I WASN'T SWEARING.

Apparently, other people had been losing blogs too. Phillybits was gone for a few hours. Americablog went down. Eschaton went down. Byl's blog went down. They all came back within a few hours, a day at the most. Not me. I was still gone. I continued to write to blogger.

And yet there was no answer. Until today when Andrea at blogger customer support responded to an email from December 5, my third email, to tell me the blog was back on my dashboard, and once again available online.

So for the time being I am back on blogger.

I bumped into the guy who runs Row House Logic this wekeend, and he offered me free bandwidth. I think I'm going to take him up on that offer. So blogger, please take this as a hearty


, fuck you very much. I will never speak a positive word about your company again, and will give you bad publicity whenever I get a chance.

I'll let the rest of you know when I have new digs.


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