Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Open Letter to Lloyd Grove

Mr. Grove,

In response to the recent break-up of bloated, lying pig Rush Limbaugh and CNN reporter Daryn Kagan you write "The good news, of course, is
that the fabulous Kagan is back on the market."

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Who would want to put his penis into Daryn Kagan's vagina knowing that the bloated, old, liver-spotted, drug addict Rush Limbaugh had already dumped God knows how much of his rancid semen in her? That prospect can't be appetizing to anyone, not even a Limbaugh fellow-traveller like Sean Hannity. I think visions of Rusty, redfaced and wheezing like a steam engine as he pounds away in the act of copulation, would inhibit the ability of even the most virile man to perform. Just typing about Rush Limbaugh mounting Ms. Kagan is causing my own testicles to retract into my abdomen,
and the lingering thought may well inhibit sexual relations with my girlfriend this evening. Thanks a lot, Mr. Grove!

Before Kagan can come "back on the market" she needs a full series of antiobiotics, and her vagina needs to be pressure washed with lye, tsp, or caustic soda.

Best Wishes,

Brendan Skwire


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