Friday, March 24, 2006

New on the Roll

I just added a few sites to the blogroll.

I've been meaning to add Susie Madrak's indispensible Suburban Guerilla for a LOOOOONG TIME, and finally got aroudn to it. Give her a read, you'll be glad you did!

Also added is Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory, one of my favorite new voices online. I read him every single day, and you should too. I cannot recommend Greenwald highly enough. Seriously, go there NOW (I'll wait), and then come back and tell me that guy's not just fucking brilliant.

Also added is another daily read, the marvelous Firedoglake, by Jane Hamsher and Christy Hardin Smith. Super duper on the NSA stuff. Awesome on Alito. Real fuckin' firebreathers.

Steve Gilliard is also on the list. I am of two minds about Steve's blog: I love his opinions, but I'm not a fan of publishing entire articles. He's always fun to read, especially when he gets on his high horse (deservedly so, i might add).

And finally, I cannot leave without mentioning the blog that inspired me to begin abusing comics, The Comics Curmudgeon. Josh obsesses even more than I do about For Better or For Worse, and his running analysis of Rex Morgan MD's closeted homosexuality is hilarious.

So there you have it: you lost attytood, but got 5 different blogs to replace it. A good deal if you ask me, considering it's as free as James Musty's testicles. [That's an in-joke I don't expect you to understand].


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