Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oy. My Day Yesterday.

I took Monday, yesterday, off from work: the past two weeks have been really really long and stressful at the office, and I wanted to get some more work done on the deck.

I had to go to Home Depot to pick up some joist nails, a couple of drill bits, and 5 bags of concrete (about 250 pounds). I loaded everything in the van and set off for the two next errands: the homebrew supply store at 19th and Sansom and the grocery store at 22 and market. The cargo area of the van was hanging pretty low, and in fact has needed new springs or air shocks pretty much since I bought it. I was heading up Locust and made a sharp right onto 9th street, and I guess I hit the corner a little hard, because I heard a loud BANG and then the familiar flop-flop-floppity-flop of a flat tire. Between the weight in the van, hitting the turn too hard, and the iron cover on a municipal storm drain, I blew out my sidewall.

I pulled over as far to the left as I could: Philadelphia streets attempt to squeeze two lanes into the space where only one belongs, and it was a tight fit. It gets better: the jack that came with my van was broken. I walked around the block a few times, and finally found a contracter to loan me a jack. Unfortunately, it didn't fit, but just then a good samaritan with a hydraulic lift in his trunk helped me out.

On the way back home, I stopped at the bike store to get a couple of tubes for my bike, which also caught a flat on the way home friday (philadelphians have never
heard of Woodsy Owl and throw their trash everywhere, as you know, which is why I highly doubt that the "renaissance of Philly" is going to last, because who in their right mind pays millions for a house surrounded by filth? But that's another rant...)

I stopped by my mechanic and made an appointment for this morning at 8:30 to do a bunch of van-related work that's been festering: the rear shocks, the control
arms in front, a brake readjustment, and the new tire. All in all, about $500.00 in repairs

So this AM, I unloaded the cement and the rest of the building supplies, and put my bike in the back of the van. I don't have a pump, so I figured I'd change the bike tire at the mechanic, and use his air compressor. When I got to the garage
however, I discovered not only that I had in fact bought tubes for a child's bike, but that I had left my atm card and license at home. So I had to drive BACK home to get the necessary plastic so I could get money to take the El into work, drove back to the mechanic, and then walk 6 blocks to the el.


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