Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I was already knee deep into hardocre and punk the day i met Chris Steeves, a tiny mouselike girl with a tongue sharper than razors. I had been talking to Vadim Tchertishny, the Estonian parking lot attendant (motto: "I am tired of being a cog. I want to be a lever.") when she walked up dressed in raggy black clothes, partially mohawked hair, combat boots and a rat on her shoulder. We hit it off immediately (I thought she was cute but found out that she aas dating my friend Jeff Dupres), and just as immediately i saw her breathe fire when a carful of jocks or tourists drove by with the inevitable catcall of "nice hair!"
Chris Steeves, all 4'5" and 80 pounds of her, opened her mouth and bellowed "YOUR MOTHER DOUCHES WITH LYE!"