Thursday, October 20, 2005

The saga(city) continues (or, Thanks for the Traffic).

Some people are SO stupid, you really start to believe in eugenics and forced sterilization.

This past July, the owner of a local right-wing website dropped by the left-wing All SpinZone to start a fight with the owners and participants. She got what she wanted and was promptly hounded from the comments area, after which she went back to her own site to lick her wounds and gripe about what meanies we were. I wrote about the exchange here, and promptly forgot about it.
Obviously having some issues with obsessive compulsive disorder, the dummy wrote a follow-up article in September calling me "Mr. Snarky Pants" (never mind that I don't deal so much in "snark" as much as I deal with outright insults). I wrote about this exchange here. It's ridiculous: the girl's nursing a grudge from a mindless internet spat that SHE started, and holding onto her hurt feelings, for MONTHS. How can you NOT make fun of that?

As you'll notice, the last paragraph reads "And if your stupid friends come here to leave nasty comments, I'll just delete them unread anyway, so please don't bother."

I'm sure you can guess what happened next. This Monday, October 17, my brother needed to reference an older piece of mine, for which I was searching through my archives, where I belatedly found a whopping 21 comments on my response to "Mr. Snarkypants". I'd forgotten all about the post (I forget about most posts after they're up except the really super long ones, and fwiw I'm working on a good one about the time when I was 18 and my housemate got chlamydia), so it was a bit of a surprise. After reading the comments, I wasn't sure whether to sigh and write "what part of 'please don't bother' do you not understand" or to send a personal note reading "Thanks for the traffic, Petunia".

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I like the comments though: I never knew the developmentally disabled were so passioate! Don Tardo, who's the next contestant on "I'm Missing a Chromosome"?

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A photo of my recent visitors, sans hockey helmets, before they had to change their adult diapers.


Blogger somegirl said...

well i see someone there again needed to attack my beastly looks, and another person is throwing around the word misogyny w/o understanding the meaning,and they called you an abuser, and jesus christ, suggesting that you enlist so a war supporter can come there no end to stupid winger retardation?

i can't wait till they get their just desserts. motherfuckers, i hate them.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Brendan said...

The whole thing is ridiculous, which is why I'm engaging in ridicule.

I didn't catch the suggestion that I enlist, but that's funny too. I have a better idea: war supporters should go enlist. Like OYE asks, "It's their war, why aren't they fighting it?"

I also like the suggestion to "google his name". Yowza, you'll find out a lot of stuff that way, fer shure.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Phillybits said...

I thought the best one was the person who comments "How many HITS does YOUR site get??"

I forgot it was a popularity contest. Surprisingly, for a hack who spouts that she has a syndicated column, who would think someone with that much "pull" could afford to host her blog on a more professional service.

Instead, just like the rest of us, she uses the free Blogger service. 'Course she spruced it up with her "Liberal Advisory" stickers, her porn shot, and Republican Propaganda on her laptop image.

She finishes it all off with a WaWa coffee container and some spare tin-foil in the cup. Wonder what kind of "advice" she gives on her "syndicated column?"

Is she advising any of her war "SUPPORTERS" to enlist? I think not. Which raises one more point. There was a comment about why you weren't in uniform. I believe you've made that quite clear. You do not support the war, as I do not either. So here's a question for all the wingers which I hope they're clever enough to figure out:

Why would a person who does not support the war enlist and wear the uniform?

2:11 PM  
Blogger Brendan said...

Well, that would actually depend on who you asked.

Patrick Murphy is a democrat in bucks County: he doesn't support the war, but he served and wore the uniform. So did Hackett in Ohio, and Jean Schmidt, who never served a day in her life, smeared him.

What makes the winger's question so idiotic is the expectation that after the lies have been exposed any right-thinking American would sign up to support this abbatoir. Well, any right-thinkign American except a winger, sitting at home in mommy's basement with the rest of the Fighting 101st Keyboarders.

Actually, I enjoy the increased traffic a little bit, even though I'm not doing politics that much.

2:49 PM  

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