Thursday, February 23, 2006


I was driving into work today, and pulled up to the stop sign at Napa and Spring Garden behind a black Lexus SUV, Pennsylvania license plate number EVD-2874. As he made a right turn onto Spring Garden, the driver of the car tossed a Dunkin Donuts wrapper and a coffee cup out of the window onto the street. That just pisses me off: there is no excuse for littering other than laziness and being a disgusting lazy pig. We were heading in the same direction, and pulled up at the stoplight at the on-ramp for I-76. The window rolls down a second time, and another wad of trash goes flying out the window.
Now I'm seething. This person isn't someone who doesn't know any better not to litter: obviously, the guy has some brains, since he can afford to drive around in a Lexus. So I rolled down my window, stuck my head out and yelled "Pick up your trash! Pick up your trash! HEY BUDDY, PICK UP YOUR TRASH!" The guy hit the accelerator and peeled off as fast as he could.

Last summer, Melissa came down to Philadelphia for a visit with Sam. We were walking on 38th Street at the intersection with Walnut on Penn campus, when Melissa saw someone throw trash out a car window. She walked over to the car, which was stopped at the light, picked up the plastic bottle and clump of napkins and handed it to the driver, saying "You dropped this."
The guy turned to her, snarled and shouted "Fuck you you fucking white bitch!"
Nice folks we have here in Philthadelphia. There's a reason we have an inferiority complex here.


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