Wednesday, December 31, 2003

No one's asked me recently about the blog, and maybe that's because the action here hasn't been so heavy lately.
After being on tour, and pretty much away from politics for over a month, I have found it hard to get back in the saddle of outrage. Maybe it's because I'm pre-occupied with impending baby day, maybe it's because I'm more concerned with finding work right now, but quite frankly, I think it's something far worse: I don't care anymore. If anything, I pray that the Bush administration succeeds in its evil plans, because I fucking hate the United State, and if the Bush people succeed there could be another civil war, and perhaps the whole joint will crumble. I have dreams about Mexico marching in and taking back Texas and Arizona (Aztlan, y'all). Dreams in which a tidal wave wipes out DC, including all of Congress. I'll tell you what fellow citizens, the best thing about having a kid with a Canadian is that I have every right to get out of my own gay-ass backwards fucking country.
I opened the homepage of the New York Times today to read that "most states are choosing to crimp the health-care safety net for their poorest and most politically defenseless residents. An ominous new study shows that up to 1.6 million impoverished and working-poor Americans — at least a third of them children — have been deliberately knocked from publicly financed health care programs in the last two years." Well, yeah that pisses me off, but you know what? Arlen Specter is well-fed and doesn't give a fuck. Neither does Rick Santorum, who is also a well-fed little piggie. if they cared they'd say something or do something. And the unfortunate fact of politics is that to get involved at a level that's truly effective, you have to have lots of money, and I don't have that. Worse, you have to whore yourself out worse than a low-budget Czech porn-star, and I have too much self-respect for that.
By the way, it's nice to see that Dan Savage's "santorum" page is now #4 on google. Pretty soon, it's gonna be beating out the Senator whose name it bears.
So yeah sorry if I can't get outraged about Halliburton or John Ashcroft anymore. I mean, I'm still outraged about them, but what the fuck can i do? And what the fuck do I care? Life goes on and someday they'll be dead and then I'll celebrate, like I do when ANY politician dies, and that includes Paul Wellstone. Just die, the lot of you. Get cancer, get AIDS, have a heart attack, I don't give a shit. Anarchy is preferable to any of these selfish assholes.
At least up here in Canada, you get something in return for your taxes: proper public transportation. Cheap day care for your kids (Quebec is angry because it got raised to gasp $7.00 a day, and that's $7.00 canadian, up from $5.00 Canadian. You know how much day care is in the US, oh my child-free friends? UPenn, when I was employed there, offered me a special deal for employees, only $280 a week.) Universal health care.
So yeah, happy fucking new year, and fuck you too.