Saturday, December 06, 2003

Off tour and back on the warpath.
Check out this editorial from the washington post about the photo-op turkey (meaning the roasted fowl, not the foul fowl our Mr. Bush is, as in "distasteful chickenhawk").
It is low that the post is defending the indefensible, writing, "IT COMES AS NO SURPRISE that the roast turkey President Bush hoisted during his visit to the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving Day was strictly for show, not eating. The perfect golden brown turkey is one of the great fictions of American life. In reality, a turkey seldom comes out of your oven looking that way, and if it did, it probably wouldn't be fit to eat; in fact it might be made of papier-mache.
Still, the artifice has to be maintained, whether in public life or in the home."

You know what? FUCK THAT. First of all, those men and women in Iraq are fighting a long hard war of choice, that more and more of the country is learning was predicated on lies. This is also true among many of the soldiers fighting, if one can believe this week's cover story in the Philadelphia Weekly. Using them as some political photo op, which Operation Turkey certainly was to some extent, is offensive enough. But for God's sake, if you're gonna manipulate them, at least give the poor motherfuckers some real turkey for their trouble.
Second of all, given the millions of dollars it costs to ship that fucking asshole aroudn the world in Air Firce One, motorcade whatever blah blah blah blah, given the fact that this baboon-faced garbage head sent these fine young Americans off to the desert for reasons that have never been satisfactorily explained, how fucking cheap-ass is it that they can't load up a cargo plane with some frozen fucking turkeys? How much more would that have cost? More than the Medicare bill? More than the war? You already saved a bundle by cutting veteran's benefits, right? Come one, Bushies, don't be such cheap motherfuckers. Show some goddamn appreciation. I mean, who the fuck are you, Mr. Burns??? )Actually, take off a little weight, and Cheney actually DOES... oh never mind.)

I have never heard a friend in the military compliment military food. On this one day, couldn't kindheartedness have taken precedent over cynicism? Who's the real turkey here?